Cinecut Films Video Production Questionnaire

Hello and thank you for considering Cinecut Films to assist with your video project. We have designed this short questionnaire to:

  • Help us understand the size, scope and nature of the video you have in mind, in order to prepare a more in depth and accurate quotation
  • Help you gain better understanding of the video production process.
  • Ultimately, help you save time and money by clearly articulating your video idea and what is needed to create it

Please allow up to 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire. On completion we will be in touch to give you a quotation based on the information you’ve provided.


    Your Name *

    Company Name *

    Position *

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    About your company

    1. Tell us a little bit about your company background, including products and services offered. If you own the business, please tell us why you do what you do today.

    2. What words do you use to describe your brand personality or your business?

    3. Who are your main competitors?

    About the video

    1. What is the purpose of the video? (select all that apply)

    Corporate Video or Company Profile or Brand AwarenessProduct DemoTraining VideoEndorsement or TestimonialLive Event

    2. How do you vision the overall “tone” of the video? (select all that apply)

    High Energy & DynamicSlow PacedPersuasiveInformativeMysteriousProvocativeAbstractFunnyWe’re open to ideas

    3. What are the important stories, key messages and brand stories to include?

    4. Describe how you want the viewers to feel after watching this video?

    About the target audience

    Who is this video for? Please include specific age group, gender, and nationality of your typical target market.

    About the technical aspects

    1. How many locations do you see is required to shoot? locations

    2. Duration of video is to minutes.

    3. What video style & format do you have in mind? (select all that apply)

    Corporate PresentationProduct TrailerCustomer TestimonialDocumentaryTV Magazine (Presenter with Microphone)TV NewsRole playing with modelsMotion Graphics with Animated Images and TextAnimation or CartoonWe’re open to ideas

    4. Production elements – Review the following and select the appropriate choice(s)

    On Screen Presenter

    Narration / Voice Over

    Voice Over Translation (subtitles)

    Music Background

    Talent / Actors

    Company Representatives (CEO, Manager)

    Customers for Testimonials

    Motion Graphics (Chart, Diagram, Text)


    Key Photos

    5. Is there a video that resembles your idea? Please provide the link in the box below.

    6. What is your budget?

    7. Timeline