Below are list of all Fashion video projects by Cinecut Films.

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Campaign video for French label Magali Pascal

Fashion on August 1, 2015

Last campaign video for Magali Pascal, a French label. Magali Pascal embody French elegance with high-end design but yet easy-to-wear pieces. Inspired by the Parisian “Bourgeois Bohème” chic spirit, Magali Pascal line is the perfect shortcut to glamour for night and day.


Milk & Roses – Russian Lover Mood Shot

Fashion on July 1, 2015

Summer collection "Russion Lover" by Milk & Roses. Category: Fashion Date: 2015

Style Tribute Singapore

Fashion on April 1, 2015

Style Tribute provides an avenue for aspiring fashionistas to shop and own their dream luxury fashion products affordably. With brands like Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo and Dior being sold at up to 90% off the retail price, it is no wonder that Style Tribute is becoming the go-to online fashion shop for women of all ages.Having the latest styles does not mean necessarily breaking the bank. With Style Tribute's lower prices on luxury apparel, get 5x more of what you like, afford 5x more luxury fashion, receive 5x more excitement and gain 5x more fun.

Location: Singapore Date: April 2015


KTZ London with W Bali

Fashion on January 1, 2015

KTZ take to W Retreat & Spa, Bali, for their latest collaboration with model-cum- DJ Becky Tong. W Retreat and Spa in Bali offers resort living with a beautiful combination of Bali mythology and chic aesthetics. Leisure and luxury go hand in hand at W, set among the most fashionable and eclectic scenes Bali has to offer. They have created a one-off art installation in collaboration with KTZ, with a designer surfboard now adorning the walls of the W Lounge and fifty limited edition t-shirts to boot. Intricate and bold designs decorate the surfboards and the Style that Surf t-shirts. The t-shirts are available to buy now exclusively at W The Store.


Shooting Catalog 69SLAM BTS

Fashion on December 1, 2014

Behind The Scene Shooting Catalog 69 SLAM in studio - December 2014 Location: Bali Shooting time: 6 hours Date: December 2014

69 Slam Big Screen Commercial

Fashion on August 1, 2014

Big Screen commercial - 69 SLAM - August 2014 This is a short ad was made with a limited budget with a short and funny story to follow the marketing concept "Play Loud" of the brand 69 Slam. Shooting location: Bali Shooting time: 2 hours Date: July 2014

Shooting Catalog 69SLAM BTS

Fashion on July 1, 2014

Behind The Scene Shooting Catalog 69 SLAM in studio - July 2014 Mood shots shooting at 3 different locations Location: Bali Shooting time: Full day

Shooting Catalog 69SLAM BTS

Fashion on April 1, 2014

Behind The Scene Shooting Catalog 69 SLAM in studio - April 2014 Location: Bali Date: April 2014

Shooting Catalog 69SLAM BTS

Fashion on November 1, 2013

Behind The Scene Shooting Catalog 69 SLAM in studio - November 2013 Location: Bali Shooting time: 6 hours Date: November 2013

Buddhawear High-end Fashion

Fashion on February 16, 2012

Buddhawear new video featuring the new Summer collection 2016.